About Us

Whether it is due to aging, injury or health issues, many of us will face the need to find continuing care for someone in our lives. Choosing the best care options to meet your needs can be a challenging and complicated endeavor, whether you are looking into home care services or nursing homes in NYC. However, Preferred Care can streamline that process, cutting through the confusion to provide all the information you will need to make solid, informed decisions. After all, we have been matching people with just the right services and facilities for more than 20 years, building relationships with a long list of the most reliable caregivers in the area.


If you are considering going it alone, you should know that finding the right care for a loved one is a process that will require time, patience and lots of research. Medical assessments will be necessary to determine how much care your loved one will need, then facilities that are qualified to meet those needs will have to be located and each one evaluated. Things to look for when checking into nursing homes include the availability and quality of services, staff qualifications, staff-to-patient ratios, safety, cleanliness and cost.


Find out if the facility is certified by Medicare and Medicaid, and if so, how long it has held those certifications. Check into the type and frequency of activities offered to clients and whether the facility is located close to friends and family. For instance, if most of the family lives in Brooklyn, make nursing homes in Brooklyn your first choice. If none are available, nursing homes in Queens are the second best option in terms of proximity, and Manhattan nursing homes third.


When it comes to home care agencies, among the most important factors to look into are hiring practices, especially if the person in need of care lives alone. Make sure the agency checks references before hiring and runs a thorough criminal background check on employees. Credentials and certifications of the agency and its employees are important factors to consider, as is the quality and availability of services. Find out how long they have been in business and check with the Better Business Bureau and the Health Department to see if complaints have been filed.


If you feel overwhelmed at the prospect of dealing with the countless tasks and details involved in this process, Preferred Care can help. With more than 20 years of experience in the greater New York area, we are intimately familiar with services and nursing homes in NYC. Our efficient placement process takes care of all the details, beginning with a professional assessment of physical, medical and cognitive characteristics. Based on that assessment, we will then make a list of care options according to medical and financial needs.


Preferred Care will take you to tour facilities, and once you choose one, we will handle the details of securing a bed. And then, once everything is settled to your satisfaction, we will make arrangements for your loved one's transportation to that facility. With expert placement assistance provided by Preferred Care, you can rest assured that no stone will be left unturned in finding the very best care for your loved one.