Mr. Schoneberg's wife and sister had recently past away and his assets were dwindling. He could no longer afford the home care he had been getting for over five years. His home care attendant and neighbor enlisted Preferred Care's help. Preferred Care was able to get a PRI completed, find him an appropriate skilled nursing facility in his neighborhood, assist him with a medicaid application and arranged the transportation in less than a week. He has been in the facility over a month now and he could not be more happier.


- Brooke Weiss CNA, Hollis, NY.




My mom only speaks Mandarin and is very overweight. Most places that the hospital was trying could accommodate her size, but not the language barrier. I was referred to Preferred Care and they were able to find my mom a place that could do both!


- Michael Ong, Brooklyn, NY




I live out of state and my parents were both sent to the hospital in the same week. The hospital staff determined that they would no longer be able to live on their own and recommended a nursing home. When I asked if they would be able to go together the hospital said they would try but it was "highly unlikely". I felt helpless. I was referred to Preferred Care and after a few phone calls they were able to contact a nursing home administrator and find my parents a place together. I cant tell you how relieved I was and how simple they made the process. Thank you Preferred Care!


- Julliana Suarez, Atlanta, GA